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Three Broadband Options With the Fastest Setup of a Landline

Choose any of three broadband options with the fastest setup of landline service. Some providers offer a home phone aside from a fixed broadband connection. Others offer an additional VoIP service to a current naked ADSL or ADSL 2+ connection.

How to Speed Up and Maximize Your Mobile Broadband Service

It can be frustrating when your internet is loading so slow and you can’t connect properly online. Getting the right internet service provider and signing up for a good data plan will help. You can also consider a few tips on how you can speed up your connection and get the most of your mobile broadband service. Check this article for more info.

Three Steps to Dealing With Internet Connection Problems at Home

The Internet is a very powerful tool as it makes life more convenient. However, regardless of who your Internet Service Provider is, you will sooner or later have to face some of the most common internet connection problems. This article will offer you general tips on how to deal with them.

Understanding The T1 Line Bandwidth for Business

This is an article about a Business T1 line connection. Also discusses some pros and cons and educates on who should buy them.

Prepaid Internet: Making Data Cheaper and Life More Convenient

Prepaid Internet is a terrific solution for those who want fast Internet access but not the high costs that often come with it. Indeed, wireless costs can be astronomically high whenever you go over your monthly limit.

What Is 4G and How Will It Change What We Do?

The next generation of mobile internet access, 4G, could change broadband forever. The theoretical speeds are quicker than many home and office connections. But how good is it really and how will it change the way we use the internet?

Internet Subscription At Home – A Must Have In Today’s World

Did you know that 2,267,233,742 people surfed the internet in 2011? Internet World Statistics revealed this data and also outlined the fact that most people come online either to shop or to visit social networking sites.Yes, it is true that this advancement in technology is helping to simplify people’s life, making it easier for us to find information on any subject, product or service.

The Internet Makes Life Super Easy

It is said that with Internet, every person has access to the entire world. No one can deny the enormous impact the Internet has made in our lives. The Internet has become such an indispensable part that most of us feel handicapped without it.

Your Telecom “Crystal Ball”

Change is constant. What worked last year (or even last month) might not be working today. If you’re not taking advantage of technology improvements, your competition is! It’s much easier to stay a few steps ahead of the competition than to find yourself playing catch up. Since we don’t have a reliable way to predict the future, we must use our experiences from the past to come up with our best guess for the future and act accordingly.

The FCC Moves to Update Telecom Regulations

Apparently, the FCC believes that the legacy regulations for the telecom industry have become a bit antiquated as well. The FCC Chairman, Julius Genachowski, has said that outdated rules may be suspended. The FCC creates regulation to promote a healthy competitive marketplace. And, they don’t feel like the old regulations from the 70’s and 80’s are still doing their job. So, the FCC is moving to update telecom regulations – and that will affect pricing!

The New FAX Machine

In 1984, telecom changed dramatically. The Department of Justice forced the break-up of the monopoly that had historically provided just about all telecommunications services. In the wake of this break-up, third parties (what we’ve come to know as competitive local exchange carriers or CLECs) were allowed to connect to the telephone network.

Why Telecommunications Deregulation Should Matter to You

Well, one of the drivers of major change (especially when it’s a costly transition) is government regulation. In the early 70’s, telecom began to undergo a dramatic process of deregulation. This didn’t happen without a big push from government – investigations, regulations, lawsuits.

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