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Selecting the Best Deals for Internet Service

How do you choose the right internet package for you? Here are several considerations you should never forget as you browse the offers of various internet providers.

Why Broadband Is So Important

Why is broadband so important to your business? This is a valid and often overlooked question but the internet connectivity of a business, regardless of the size of this business is now possibly the most important factor. So much so that most company acquisitions of new sites or expansions to new areas are often decided on the basis of what sort of internet connectivity is available at that location.

How to Get Your Hands on Fast Speedy Internet

We live in a world where we need to be connected all the time. Making sure that you have fast speed internet is extremely important. The question is, what is the best way to get fast speed internet?

Sponsored Data: How Free Data Will Drive Increased Revenues For Operators

The zero rated data connection is happening faster than expected. The first wave of zero rated data took place when Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) provided ‘free’ connection to their selected sites, namely their content stores and service portals, where bytes consumed to browse the content and to conduct transactions were excluded from the users’ monthly data charges.

Net Neutrality Does Not Equal Net Utility

If Internet service had been regulated as a utility in 1999, we would still probably connect with state-of-the-art dial-up. If we want vendors to keep investing in ever-faster and wider pipes, then the parties who do the most to fill those pipes must at least be allowed to help foot the bill.

Net Neutrality and The End Of The Internet

“Any company that want’s new rules, regulations and the government to get more involved in their business, without defining what they mean, better be ready to have to deal with some laws that might get passed in the end that they didn’t actually want. In my opinion, these companies that are asking for regulation, but not providing the details on what they really want are asking for potential trouble.” – Dan Rayburn (the only person I found on-net who knew what he was talking about).

Doing The Math on “Net Neutrality”

“Net Neutrality” is American as apple pie, until we use it as a euphemism for “subsidy”. More and more the guys actually delivering the content to laptops, handhelds & TVs are saying enough, and asking the content provider to pay. Does this violate net neutrality? Not if we are all very clear want we want and don’t want happening over the Internet. Would asking the content provider to ante up mean increased costs for the consumer? Will the Internet survive this new paradigm? Is it the end of the world as we know it? Do we need Superman? Read on.

The Ideal Internet Service Provider You Should Have

The ideal service provider is not always the one with the flashiest advertisement or the most outrageous promos every month. If it can provide your connectivity needs at home or at the office, then that is the provider you should be in contact with. That is the company that is ideal for you.

The Power of the Internet and How We All Benefit From It

With so many people and organizations benefiting from the internet, it is no surprise that we all demand nothing less than the most reliable connections. Read on to understand better the importance of the internet in our lives and why we deserve the best internet services.

Things to Consider Before Settling on a Mobile Broadband Plan

These days, no one really stays put in one place, especially when they’re working. With mobility on the rise, it is important that you have the fastest connections to keep up with the demands of on-the-go work so read on to find out what you need to consider before choosing the best mobile broadband plans.

Pay Good Attention to What You Write in The Subject Line of Your Emails

Emails have just about everything going for them on the sales and new business communications front. And yet a surprisingly big percentage of business people have absolutely no idea what is the most important part of any promotional email. Let me tell you what it is immediately.

How SEO-Friendly and How Reader-Friendly Is The Copy on Your Web Site?

Clear, well written headlines are hugely important in web sites. Have as many headlines as you possibly can in your individual web site pages to capture and – most important – to hold your visitors’ attention for as long as possible.

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