How to disable IPv6 on macOS?

What Is Broadband Internet? My Options

In order to choose one of these types of broadband Internet, you will first have to check and see which of them are available in your area. Some Internet services, specifically DSL, are very sensitive to the distance of the line. For example you might qualify for a specific level of service while your next door neighbor doesn’t. Not all Internet service providers will offer the same terms and conditions, so you will also have to shop around before you make the final decision.

How to Communicate Using the Internet

Skype is a free service which facilitates calls between users anywhere in the world so long as the internet can be accessed. This experience is voice only or voice with picture. Just recently my son has been working abroad in various countries and it has been a real treat being able to use Skype to both see him and speak with him. The performance of Skype when I have used it has varied a little but overall I have found this a very useful service. Skype can also be used to make phone calls from the computer but there is a charge for this. As yet I have not used this service.

Connect America Fund – A Winning Strategy for Connect America Fund Objectives

Connect America Fund (CAF) is the FCC program to transition the purpose of the Universal Service Fund to subsidize broadband instead of POTS (Plain old telephone service) in high cost areas. Find out how to meet the requirements of this plan and take advantage of the subsidies provided!

Effective Temporary Internet Access Anytime and Anywhere

The need for internet access is growing at an increasing rate. Nowadays millions of people of all ages use the internet for just about anything. If you are organising an indoor or outdoor event in the UK or abroad, you will need to ensure you have a reliable temporary internet connection for your audience.

Internet Privacy – How to Hide Your IP Address

Privacy issues and Internet fraud have made the topic of hiding an IP address very popular indeed. In many cases people simply want to hide their identity while online, in order to avoid some unpleasant or even dangerous situations. On the other hand, there are cases in which Internet users want to hide their IP address in order to do something illegal or unethical, and this is when they should think twice about doing so.

Internet Too Slow? – How to Increase Your Internet Speed

If you are using the Internet on a regular basis, you are probably interested in the topic of how to increase your Internet speed. Some surveys suggest that people are generally never satisfied with their speed of their Internet connection, regardless of what their Internet speed actually is at any given moment.

How to Choose an Internet Browser

Surfing the Internet has rapidly become a daily habit of millions of people from all over the globe. Some years ago, almost everyone who drank coffee used to read the newspaper with their morning coffee. Today, however, most of these people have started reading online editions of their favorite newspapers and magazines, so the ritual of drinking the morning coffee and enjoying the papers has been changed with drinking the morning coffee and browsing the Internet on a multitude of diverse Internet enabled devices – laptops, desktop computers, iPads, smartphones and other modern gadgets.

How Ethernet Over Copper Can Increase Your Bandwidth Speed

This article is a guide for entrepreneurs who would like to get faster internet connections and data exchange speeds using the latest technology in Ethernet copper connections. It gives information about the best features of Ethernet over copper and explains why this technology is the future of bandwidth for every internet user all over the world. It is a step by step manual about why you should switch to this cheaper and faster option for your internet.

The Ultimate Business Solution for High Speed Internet Is Ethernet Fiber Service

The Ethernet fiber service provides convenience in file transfers. Large-scale industries and other massive IT companies can avail of the service from the providers of gigE or from normal Ethernet fiber service suppliers to experience efficiency in the rate of data transmissions.

Satellite Communications in the Age of Social Media and Web 2.0

Last year, mobile data traffic increased 2.3 times year-on-year, exceeding the industry forecast of 131%. This global trend has been seen in the past four years. The worldwide monthly mobile Internet data in 2011 was 597 petabytes, which was eight times the size of Internet in 2000 at 75 petabytes.

Online Business – Internet Service Provider – ISP

Internet Service Provider, ISP, is an organisation whose task is to provide internet service. Internet service includes internet access at home, office and when mobile. Other internet services include web site hosting, email set up and management, file transfer protocols (ftp), cloud computing, virtual machines and lease of physical servers.

Assessing the Accuracy of Speed Tests

If you are wondering whether an internet speed test is always accurate, keep in mind that there are no speed tests that give completely reliable results. This is because there are various factors that affect the result of a test. The truth is that most tests do not have reliable procedures.

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